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What does it look like in EYFS?

In Early Years, children explore the natural world and find out about plants, animals and habitats in their local environment. Later in the year, they compare these to plants, animals and habitats around the world. Children learn how to care for plants, by planting and growing seeds and bulbs, and learn about things that plants and animals need to survive.  

Children learn about the changing seasons and weather and about natural phenomena and processes, such as rainbows, shadows, melting, freezing, floating and sinking. Much of the learning in science in the Early Years takes place outside, every day, enhanced by visits to the local woodland and school garden. We also provide opportunities to find out more about animals with visitors to the classroom. 

These contexts enable children to develop the skills to be able to: 

  • Explore the natural world around them; 
  • Describe what they see, hear and feel whilst outside; 

  • Understand the effect of changing seasons on the natural world around them.