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The curriculum at Leafield C.E. Primary School is challenging in every classroom.

Teachers are expected to set challenging subject content which stretches the most able whilst ensuring that more vulnerable children are provided with appropriate support to reach these curriculum expectations.

We aim to develop the core skills of reading, writing, maths along with an unashamedly ambitious wider offer which, in responding to parents’ requests, will give pupils an exceptional enriching experience of the arts, sciences, humanities and sports.

Our curriculum maps show the careful sequencing and progression of ideas, and our curriculum design enables pupils to experience inspiration and challenge. We use the Cornerstones Resource, to ensure that the curriculum is broad and balanced; this resource also supports our cross curricular approach to covering the National Curriculum with a view to enriching the children’s writing.

Children are given the opportunity to start engaging in a topic through WOW days, which help them to understand their own interest and a purpose for learning within their topic. This is followed by a period where they develop their understanding of new concepts and knowledge. Children are then given opportunity to innovate and use problem solving skills in relation to the new knowledge acquired, before finally evaluating and reflecting on their learning, sharing, and presenting it to others. We plan a huge number of trips and partnership events to enrich and widen the experience of the children.

Our PHSE is supported by our use of the JIGSAW resource. Our Jigsaw Curriculum was introduced in September 2021 as part of a renewed emphasis on developing children’s ability to form and sustain healthy relationships. We use a specialist: Relationships, Sex Education facilitator to support the children as they prepare for puberty and make good use of local networks to ensure our children are ready for the transition to secondary school.

Our Modern Foreign Languages provision is taught by a specialist Language Teacher using Jolie Ronde.

We have a well-planned and effective approach to the teaching of phonics and early reading, using Read, Write Inc. to support our work in this area. Children progress through coloured book bands for reading in KS1 and move into age and ability appropriate texts in KS2.

Following the pandemic disruptions, we are rebuilding our music provision. We use the Oxfordshire Local Authority Music service to support this area of learning and we are reintroducing a range of peripatetic teachers for lessons in piano, guitar, flute.

We provide exceptional sports provision, supported by a specialist sports coach. The children visit the Sports Facility at Charlbury Community Centre for P.E. lessons and play an active role in the Burford Sports Partnership giving the children the opportunity to compete in sports events and to gain confidence. We invite dance workshops providers into school.

Our parent community have expressed the importance of education about the environment and the value they place on their children being prepared for global citizenship; so we continue to build important aspect into our curriculum.