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You can find additional information about Homework at Leafield Primary School in our Guide to Homework below. 

At Leafield Primary School, we believe that homework not only reinforces classroom learning, but it also helps children and young people to develop skills and attitudes that they need for successful lifelong learning.  It should also support the development of independent learning skills, including the habits of enquiry and investigation, and it should help to foster the role of parents and carers as co-educators of their children. 

We believe that homework should be relevant and manageable. We believe that homework facilitates the continuing development of the partnership between school and parents.  Additionally, we believe that homework should not cause conflict at home between parent and child, and we would always encourage parents to approach the school for support should this be the case.

Reading Homework

There is an expectation on parents to hear their child ready daily at home (or to encourage independent readers to read for pleasure) to provide the skills of reading taught in school.  A reading diary is provided for parents to enable them to communicate to school any comments about their child’s reading practice. These reading diaries are regularly checked by the teacher. The Government’s Homework Guidelines states that:

‘’All primary school age children should either read to their parents or carers, listen to them reading or, if they are fluent readers, read on their own for at least 10 to 20 minutes a day.’’

Homework Expectations

We do not specify amounts of time that must be spent on a task, preferring individual children and families to set their own routines. Individual teachers are happy to discuss further if needed.