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Modern Foreign Languages

Here you can find more information about our Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum. 


Our MFL curriculum, using the scheme 'La Jolie Ronde', is designed to progressively develop our children's skills in languages, through regular lessons and whole KS2 activities and opportunities. Children progressively learn, use, and apply phonics, acquire a growing bank of vocabulary, learn basic grammar and sentence structure all organised around topics, based on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These approaches help equip our children to communicate, with the skills to be global citizens and to have a better understanding of languages as a linguist. The curriculum, which runs on a two-year rolling programme, has been carefully designed and developed to ensure children learn the appropriate vocabulary, enabling them to have a successful language learning experience, enabling them to continue language learning in further education.

Our aim, here at Leafield Primary School, is to provide pupils with opportunities to:

  • Develop an understanding and awareness of other cultures and languages.
  • Understand and respond to spoken and written language from a variety of authentic sources.
  • Speak with increasing confidence and spontaneity, finding ways of communicating what they want to say, including through discussions and asking questions, and continually improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation.
  • Write at varying length, for different purposes and audiences, using the variety of grammatical structures that they have learnt.
  • Discover and develop an appreciation of a range of writing in language studies.


The curriculum has been designed with the concept of memory in mind. Our curriculum is designed to ensure children know and remember more by incorporating a ‘spiralised’ curriculum where concepts are revisited to facilitate learning, therefore being transferred into the long-term memory. Concepts are consistently revisited and regularly reviewed with retrieval practice (both daily and spaced) being central to our curriculum. Content and concepts are revisited and built upon throughout academic years and year groups.

The French curriculum is designed to broaden the child’s understanding of French culture and develop a love of language.

• Leafield follows ‘La Jolie Ronde’ scheme of work, supplemented with additional activities and opportunities for revisiting when necessary.

• The scheme is split into four year group stages, with each year group currently at the appropriate year based on what has been covered previously (within our two-year rolling programme).

• Each unit of work contains identified framework objectives taken from the strands: Oracy, Literacy, Intercultural Understanding


The desired impact of our Languages Curriculum is that all pupils acquire the substantive and disciplinary knowledge set out in our French progression documents, so children’s learning is built sequentially and coherently across the year groups. Through this careful scaffolding of learning, the children’s knowledge will be built on to ensure they attain the end of Key Stage 2 composites set out in the national curriculum.