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Parents and Carers

Parents and carers are closely involved with the school and give their support in many ways. We consider partnership with parents and carers an essential ingredient for ensuring children's progress and sense of well-being.

Informal events are arranged throughout the year and parents and carers are warmly invited to concerts, assemblies, plays and performances.

Parents' Evenings are held twice a year to discuss children's progress. Attainment results are provided termly, and a full written report is given at the end of the academic year. A weekly newsletter gives details of activities taking place. The Headteacher supports an open-door policy and is always keen to meet parents and carers.

The Parents' Association, which at our school is called FOLs (Friends of Leafield School), organises fundraising events. It provides an opportunity for parents to meet one another and for fostering school/parent relationships. The FOLs group is always willing to welcome new members. If you would be interested in joining, please contact the school office.

We aim to maintain good communication with parents and carers by ensuring:

  • the Headteacher is available each day before and after school;
  • all teachers come outside to meet and greet children in the morning and to dismiss them at the end of the day. This is a good time for parents and carers to give a quick message or to arrange a mutually convenient time when they can meet with the teacher;
  • the office is open between 8.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. to deal with parents' enquiries;
  • that the Governing Body is contactable by leaving a message at the school office.